Videos in English

Here are a few videos I hope you will like. Videos that have inspired me in one way or another. Some are in English and some will be in Spanish with English subtitles.

K-pax - interesting video to make one think: 

If you have lost someone and are sad please watch this video - it will help you understand...

A forensic artist asked people to describe themselves and then asked someone else to describe them. This is what happened...

The Butterfly Circus - a short 20 minute film that teaches self value and courage to make the best of life.

Thich Nhat Hahn - A lovely man I once had the pleasure and honor to meet many years ago. He is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who lives now in France and has a lot to teach us. In our Zen clases we teach people the importance of conscious respiration. In these following two videos Thich Nhat Hahn explains in a very simple way what conscious respiration is and what real love is

Dolores Cannon - Life After Death.

Death is a part of life, nothing to be afraid of. We never die anyway. When a car is patched up so many times the engine conks out and the car ends up on the tip - but the driver gets out. Our body is the car and we get out before the car gos on the tip. Only people dont know that and they stand at the tip crying and grieving the old conked out car not knowing that the driver is not in there anymore but standing there with them smiling...Never be afraid of dying, it is only a transition to a better life and just means your mission here has finnished and you can go back home and see loved ones who went home before you...This video shows Dolores Cannon, an extrodrinary lady talking about life after death, which I really prefer to call life after life...

Dolores Cannon on past lifes, Nostradamus and paralel worlds.

Here is an Interview I did with Dolores Cannon in May this year. A very interesting lady:

Here is a documentary of an extrordinary boy who sees without any eyes. When a person looses one of his senses another is augmented. In this case he lost the sense of eyesight and gained an enormous capacity of sound: 

The Boy who sees without eyes: 

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